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History In Action

Welcome to the future of bucking horses! The American Buckinghorse Registry (ABR) brings to the bucking horse industry a combination of rodeo and ranch history. By offering a desperately needed service and combining the romantic image of the wild bucking horse with the classic image of the modern day rodeo horse, ABR will lead the industry in keeping, promoting, and preserving bucking horse bloodlines.

There is a lot of truth behind the expression “That was a wild ride,” which you often hear one Cowboy say to another.  The American Buckinghorse Registry wants to keep that truth a tradition.

Our goal is to maintain the majestic heritage of the bucking horse, beginning from what it once was out on the open range to athlete it is now in the rodeo arena in front of thousands of people.  From the earliest days, the bucking horse was broke to ride for utilization on big ranches and wide-open spaces to gather cattle and a source of mobility to maintain fences, water tanks, and everything between those long stretches of fence line.  Now, the industry has evolved from the rich ranching history into the modern day rodeo horse producing the ultimate equine professional athlete.

Years of legacy have allowed us to witness some of the rankest horses in the industry and we continue to breed for strength, agility, and bucking ability to create nail biting, edge-of-your-seat entertainment. 

The ABR strives to be the best choice for breeders, contractors, owners, and professionals - the backbone of our industry. We serve both the breed and our members by being ever aware of the industry and market, and of the needs, opportunities, and challenges of our sport. We aspire to excellence in record keeping, reporting, recruiting, education and supporting our membership so that we create confidence and desire for the use of our services. Through communication and professionalism the ABR provides a hassle free registry at a reasonable price. In the ever changing, fast paced world, success is determined by good choices for lasting effects. 

Our keys to success include the commitment to breed promotion by every person who is part of the team. The ABR will maintain this level of service through attainment of these goals:

  1. Become the premier bucking horse registry in the world.

  2. Produce and uphold a uniform set of rules, guidelines, and events that increase the involvement of breeders and value of horses in the industry.

  3. Serve as a center for members and the general public on matters pertaining to the heritage and the evolution of the bucking horse industry.

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